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First, what we are not:


Set Free is not a half way house, drug rehabilitation center, a mission

or an extension of the judicial system.


We are a church with a live in discipleship home.


We are Southern Baptist by denomination but we are probably

unlike any Southern Baptist Church you have ever seen.


We do not require anyone who comes to our discipleship house

to be of Southern Baptist denomination.


We do ask those who live at the discipleship house to be open

and willing to participate in all the groups and functions that we provide.


We believe that walking along side one another, exploring and

understanding the truth of what the Bible, “God’s Word,” tells me who

I am in Christ.


We know through experience that in that discovery,

“TRUTH,” freedom, joy and peace can and will be found.


Our house is a safe place.


Those seeking to find who they are in Christ can come and live

in a safe, drug and alcohol free, environment.


If you or some one you know, are at a point in their lives

that you have had all you can stand of what this world

says is the answer then:


contact us and we will visit with you about the details

of how you can come to be a part of a

life lived in Christ.


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